TASC Programs

2012 Program Overview

Adult TASC

Assessment and case management services are available for participants in all stages of the criminal justice system. Assessment services are provided on site at Toledo Municipal Court, at the main office and upon request at the Lucas County Jail. Independent research indicates that TASC clients complete substance abuse treatment at a higher rate than other offenders and are less likely to be re-arrested.

408 Program

Funded by Toledo Municipal Court, this program fast-tracks individuals for substance abuse treatment for those referred by Toledo Municipal Court probation officers.

Forensic Linkages Project

TASC provides mental health screening services at the Lucas County Corrections Center, Toledo Municipal Court and Lucas County Common Pleas Court upon referral. Services include, screening for previous and/or current mental health issues, linkage with the most appropriate service provider and communication with referral sources regarding action taken.

Toledo Reentry Initiative for Women

TASC provides assessment, case management and trauma informed services using the Trauma Reduction Empowerment Model (TREM) to women returning back to Toledo/Lucas County from the Ohio Reformatory for Women and the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.

State Offender Stabilization Project

Funded thru the Department of Justice, this project serves annually 40 high-risk adult offenders released from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections each year. Services include; assessment, case management, cognitive based groups, family education groups, referral to community resources, on site status review hearings and advocacy. Independent recidivism research conducted by the University of Toledo indicated that project participants were 23% less likely to recidivate compared to a Bureau of Justice Statistics sample.

HUD Funded Permanent Supportive Housing Projects

TASC currently operates three separate HUD funded housing projects providing permanent supportive housing services to adult substance abusing offenders. Using the TASC Case Management Model, these projects concentrate on stabilizing clients and developing skills that will promote self-reliance.

North Toledo Citizen Circle

TASC is the lead agency for the North Toledo Citizen Circle. Citizen Circles are community justice partnerships forged between the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and communities that promote pro-social interaction and offender accountability upon release. This project is operated at Wesley United Methodist Church, 2934 Stickney Ave. Toledo Ohio 43608.

Change of PACE Project

The goal of this juvenile diversion project is to reduce the number of offenders entering the juvenile court system due to a first time alcohol and/or marijuana related charge. The project consists of an alcohol/drug assessment, eight hours of alcohol/drug education and six hours of community service. Upon successful completion of the project, the youth's charge is voided. An internal program evaluation conducted in 2004 indicated that 76% of the successful participants had no further court involvement 6 month post termination.

Lucas County Family Drug Court

The goal of the Family Drug Court project is to protect children whose parents are addicted to alcohol and other drugs. TASC provides assessment, case management and group activities. This program was developed in cooperation with Lucas County Children Services, Lucas County Juvenile Court, and the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Lucas County.

Lucas County Juvenile Treatment Court

The goal of the Juvenile Treatment Court project is to enhance public safety by reducing juvenile delinquency. TASC provides assessment and case management as well as Thinking for a Change and Expect Respect group services. This project was developed in cooperation with Lucas County Juvenile Court, and The Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Lucas County.

Substance Abuse Education Services

This is a four hour program designed to educate participants about the impact and potential consequences of alcohol and other drugs. This program operates twice each month. Please call to find out when the next class will be held.

Moms Coming Home to Stay

TASC is the implementing agency for this Second Chance Act Family-Based Substance Abuse Grant from the Office of Justice Programs. The goals of the two-year demonstration project are to: improve the reentry process and reduce recidivism by ensuring that female ex-offenders with minor children receive comprehensive, evidence-based treatment to facilitate successful reentry. These services will include substance abuse and/or mental health treatment, cognitive-behavioral based interventions and an individualized, female-focused, pro-social continuum of aftercare. TASC will provide in-house reentry programming for all women prior to their release from the Northeast Pre-Release Center. Women returning to Lucas County, their parenting partner and minor children, will receive intensive aftercare services.

Recovery to Work (R2W)

This program is funded by the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission and the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Lucas County. The program is designed to assist people with addiction or mental health issues that present barriers to employment. The program is open to unemployed Lucas County residents age 18 and older who struggle with mental and emotional disorders including alcohol and drug dependency or ex-offender status.

HOME Choice

This program assists Medicaid eligible older adults and persons with mental health and AOD disabilities, who have lived in a facility-based care setting for at least 90 days, to move from long-term services and support systems to home and community-based settings